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Grow your business by becoming an Ownermatch Associate. You're a successful broker or realtor, best in your field, right at the top of your game. But now, you have a whole new option to offer your clients: Ownermatch Exclusive Co-Ownership. You win, your clients win. Click below if you want to represent Ownermatch exclusively in your area.


Important Note:
Ownermatch International does not offer any real estate services. All real estate services are provided by licensed real estate professionals working in their respective regions. Ownermatch Internationa
l has built a network of regional associates who are specialists in shared ownership strategies.


Ownermatch is about investing wisely

Most luxury yachts in North America (and worldwide) are extremely under-utilized. Statistics indicate that, on average, they are occupied on average for less than 31 days per year. This means that for eleven months of the year they are unused, tying up capital and costing their owners money.

Now, Ownermatch presents a better alternative. Instead of all costs being borne by one owner, there is a perfect opportunity for two "well-matched" individuals, couples or families to share ownership of a luxury yacht ... enjoying virtually the same lifestyle benefits – at half the cost.

Ownermatch is about lifestyle

Luxury yachts provide tremendous lifestyle benefits. They provide the perfect "get-away" from hectic city life ... exciting activities and adventures during the day and restful nights of peace and tranquility. They also create a highly prestigious venue for romantic getaways, social gatherings and meetings with friends and business associates ...the perfect chance to share the good life you have created. Most importantly, they provide the perfect stage for your extended family to share the richest, most memorable experiences of a lifetime.

There are so many benefits to investing in a luxury yacht…. but at what cost?

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Co-Owning Your Luxury Yacht

Many of us aspire at some point in our life to own a prestigious power yacht or sailboat, yet only a lucky few manage to reach that goal. For many, the costs make it prohibitive, but others simply cannot justify the inefficiencies of owning such an expensive asset on their own when they are so limited in how much they can utilize it.

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